Avocado seed carved by hand with the use of x-acto knife. Finished with a thin layer of clear sealer. Each pattern is unique and doesnt repeat exactly

Xacto Knife
Xacto Knife MRW I change the blade in my xacto knife A DIY to keep you stylishly organized. Step 1: Gather supplies: 2–4 sets of square nesting boxes, tissue paper, large binder clips, Washi tape, glue stick, Xacto knife, ruler and a pencil. Step 2: Lay out boxes in a design that works for your space, keeping the bottom squares even. Step 3: Measure the inside of each box and cut the tissue paper to fit. Glue in. Step 4: Attach Washi tape to the front edge of each box, flip over and cut off the excess; secure together with binder clips. Done! XACTO KNIFE 1 with 5 BLADES Sharp Angle by SeptemberPlayground, $6.81 PDF files of houses and churches What You Will Need If you are going to build vintage-style cardboard houses, stop throwing away used, clean cardboard yesterday. Save cereal boxes, the backs of writing tablets, anything flat, firm and clean, that you can save. Please keep some corrogated cardboard on hand, too – it makes the best bases. In addition, for this project you’ll need: A sharp mat knife or Xacto knife (or both) A stiff metal ruler Elmer’s white Glue-All. A glue…

I made this faux stained glass window to cover a clear glass window beside our front door. Cut the black from posterboard with an xacto knife (2 mirror images), then selected six different colors of lining material and cut them to fit the squares. Glued one, two, or four layers depending on how opaque I wanted it. Used double stick tape to attach the two frames together & attach to the window frame. Was really pleased with how it turned out!Xacto Knife Xacto Knife Using just an X-acto knife, Japanese artist Gaku turns fruit and vegetables into remarkable works of art. From avocados to apples, strawberries and lemons, Gaku’s mini sculptures are meticulously created and—of course—do not last forever. Ultimately… How to Use an Xacto Knife— Includes practice sheets! I’m SO BAD with xacto knives! I need this practice. 🙂 Custom papercut – Love is Eternal quote. Personalized with your names and wedding/anniversary date. (Names were blocked out in this photo so no surprises were ruined!) 😉 Carefully handcut with an x-acto knife. Papercut art by Sarah Trumbauer

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